M/V Burns Harbor

M/V Burns Harbor


The M/V Burns Harbor was originally owned by Bethlehem Steel Corporation, Great Lakes Steamship Division. The vessel was named for the firm’s newest fully-integrated steelmaking complex located at Burns Harbor, IN. The vessel came under the ownership of American Steamship Company in 2005.


Built by the Bay Shipbuilding Corporation at Sturgeon Bay, WI in 1980. The M/V Burns Harbor sailed on its maiden voyage, light from Sturgeon Bay, WI on September 28, 1980 to Superior, WI to load iron ore pellets.


The M/V Burns Harbor is powered by four 3500 HP General Motors Electro Motive Division (EMD) diesel engines. The vessel uses a conveyor system below its cargo holds to transport cargo to a "loop conveyor" system that elevates the cargo to the deck-mounted boom conveyor. For maneuvering in port and restricted waterways, the vessel is equipped with 1,500 HP bow and stern thrusters.


The M/V Burns Harbor is primarily used for long-haul transport of iron ore pellets on the Great Lakes.

Length, Overall 1000'-0"
Beam 105'-0"
Depth 56'-0"
Midsummer Draft (MS) 34'- 3/4"
Deadweight Capacity at MS Draft 80,900 Gross Tons
Deadweight Capacity at 27'-6" 62,100 Gross Tons
Unloading Boom Conveyor Length 250'
Maximum Unloading Rate 10,000 Tons/Hour
Number of Cargo Holds 7
Number of Hatches 37
Shaft Horsepower 14,000
Year Built 1980
Number of Propellers 2


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